Crystal clear water with PHOSPAT®

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From nature – for nature.

That is our vision. With PHOSPAT® (figure 1) it has become possible to remove phosphate from biological waters. The biofilter contains the high-performance granulate phoslamine, which consists of two very effective phosphate binding agents iron hydroxide and lanthanum. Both occur in nature and are environmentally friendly.
Through this highly effective combination, the granulate binds phosphate to itself, which reduces the phosphate content below the value of 0.035 mg/l and maintains it for a long time. This lack of nutrients effects that algae do not grow and the water remains clear.
PHOSPAT® is especially suitable for the application in swimming ponds, natural pools, lakes, biotopes, koi ponds, aquariums, wells as well as for fish farming. Equipped with an appropriate pump and installation technology, PHOSPAT® filter cartridges (figure 2) can be used for a wide range of water volumes.
Due to the compact design of the filter cartridge with two standardised connections, the phoslamine can easily "ready to use" be integrated into existing systems or operated with a separate water circuit in form of PHOSPAT®.  A patented novelty on the global market.
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