PROGRAMM 11ter IOB-Kongress

Die Kurzfassungen und Präsentationen der Vorträge der jeweiligen Referenten findet ihr - sobald sie uns zur Verfügung gestellt werden - auf der Seite des Referenten.

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IOB Congress 2021 – preliminary program

Motto: Nature-based solutions


Day/hour Event Topic Referent


Entry 1st conference day at Hotel Resort Club Med Albufeira During this day, until 18 h voting for Pondy Award
9:00 Opening Welcome speech IOB
Diversity & Evolution
Stefan Meier, IOB
Claudia Schwarzer, GIABN
9:30 1st lecture Investigation project: Perception of swimming ponds by tourists Udo Schwarzer (P)
10:00 2nd lecture Swimming ponds in Chile Francisco Torres (CL)
10:30 coffee break
11:00 3rd lecture Regulation of NSP in the USA Allen Schnaak, ASPNSP
11:30 4th lecture Certification for the operation of Natural Pools Hannes Kurzreuther
12:00 5th lecture Presentation of an indoor NSP Richard Zauner (AU)
12:30 lunch break
14:00 Workshop A Cleaning by divers
(Workshop at the swimming pond)
Pedro Couto (P)
Carla Couto (P)
14:00 Workshop B Water plants
(Workshop at the swimming pond)
Marielle Godefroy (P)
Udo Schwarzer (P)
14:00 Workshop C Indoor NSP – how to do?
(Workshop in the conference room)
Stefan Bruns & Hans Graf
16:00 coffee break
16:30 6th lecture Ecological Footprint of NSP 2.0 Tim Koehler & Max Colditz (DGfnB)
17:15 7th lecture Benefits of quality management in the Austrian Association Franz Kubacek (A)
18:00 End
19:00 Pondy Award, presentation of
the winners
20:00 Gala Diner Pondy Award, presentation of



Day/hour Event Topic Referent


Entry 2nd conference day at Hotel Resort Club Med Albufeira
9:00 8th lecture Impact of material selection on the CO2 footprint of NSP Nina Röttgers (D)
9:45 9th lecture DANA 2.0 – Online control
and management system for natural pools
Hannes Kurzreuther,
Petra Huge (D)
10:30 coffee break
11:00 10th lecture Developing the formulas – easy modelling of NSP projects Wolfgang Wesner (A) & Heinz Jaksch (A)
12:00 11th lecture SoGreen - Together for a
Green Europe
Stefan Meier (ES) (D)
12:30 lunch break
14:00 12th lecture Considering Water treatment
in High Frontier
James Robyn (USA)
14.30 13th lecture Plants choice for NSP in
Jairo Villegas (ES)
15.00 14th lecture Blue connect – online water values from your natural swimming pool Udo Schwarzer (P)
15:30 coffee break
16:00 15th lecture Realtime Zooplankton monitoring Stefan Bruns (D)
16:30 16th lecture Presentation of Common Essentials in planning and building NSP Claudia Schwarzer
17:00 End End of conference



Day/hour Event Topic Referent
8.10.21 Congress Plus day at Hotel Resort Club Med Albufeira
9:00 IOB Anual general meeting IOB
11:00 Coffee
IOB Workshop/open
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Open discussions
17:00 End